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Area Farmers Struggle to Harvest Cotton

Area farmers are struggling to harvest their cotton crops because of moisture on the ground. Despite the tough time farmers are facing, this crop is still expected to be the best in a long time, and experts estimate that 85% of area crops are yet to be harvested.

"Cotton is pretty well ready to harvest if we can get the dry weather now to get it out," explains Eugene Bednarz, area farmer.

Moisture on the ground has made it impossible for him to harvest his cotton and 10% of his crop is already lost. The cotton that remains is so stretched from last week's snowfall that it's hanging on for dear life. As the cotton stays in the field, so does his profit.

"The quality may be just as good, but you lose weight, and of course, we sell by the pound so the sooner we can get it out it sure would be better," explains Bednarz.

So, it's a race against time and mother nature. "That's about all you can do is just wait," he says with a chuckle. But despite the setback, Bednarz is more than confident about this year's crop. "In all the years that I've been farming, it's probably the best crop that we've ever had," he says.

Bednarz had plans to be done harvesting by Thanksgiving, but now it looks like it won't be until Christmas until they finish.

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