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Day Two of Hudson Murder Trial

The murder trial of Robert Hudson continued in a Lubbock courtroom on Tuesday with more than 15 witnesses taking the stand. The 27 year-old is accused of murdering his girlfriend Leah Rumbaugh on December 26th of last year.

On Tuesday, members of Leah Rumbaugh's family took the stand talking about the kind of person she was. They described Leah as a happy girl with no worries, until her boyfriend Robert Hudson was concerned.

Leah became pregnant with Robert's child when she was only 15. Family described her as very in love with Robert -- too in love to listen, but later, they say she grew very afraid of him.

According to people that know Robert, while he was in prison for drug use, he thought Leah was unfaithful, something he communicated through letters. She feared what he would do to her when he got out.

Leah drastically changed her appearance as well as her daughter's in an effort to hide from Robert. Leah even told her aunt that she thought she'd die young because Robert would kill her.

Numerous people that took the stand on Tuesday said they knew Robert was abusive to her, but they never actually witnessed it.

Detectives took the stand late Tuesday afternoon discussing the crime scene. On the night of the murder, Hudson actually called police saying his girlfriend committed suicide, but inconsistencies led detectives to charge him with murder.

A few witnesses testified that Hudson bragged about having a gun, and that he told more than one person he was so mad he could kill her.

If convicted, Hudson faces life in prison. The trial continues on Wednesday.

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