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Lubbock Family Prays For Their Soldier

J Jones is in the army and is stationed in Sadr City, Iraq, 40 miles east of Fallujah. His parents say even though this poverty stricken town is far from all the attacks, their son is still on deadly battlegrounds and that worries them to tears.

J Jones's war photo album is like a picture book without words, but his parents, Kathy and Gary, bring the story to life. They can tell you any story, like when J was nearly killed when his Hummer was shot up by insurgents.

"They (commanders) went up to him and yelled to see if he was okay. J patted himself down and gave the thumbs up," said Gary.

But perhaps the best story they tell is to God. Every night, Kathy and Gary pray. They believe this has been J's saving grace.

"We're covering him in prayer. We believe that's what it is. I don't think it's luck. I think it is God's protection," said Kathy.

Twice a week J calls home. Kathy breaks out the pen and paper and writes down everything that J says. Every story is transcribed on a web site that friends and family can read. The web site is called "Pray 4 J."

"It's hard to know your little boy is in all that, but he has been trained so well. It just seems he's cut out to be a soldier," said a proud mother.

Kathy and Gary watch cable television news all the time. They have never had cable until J went away. Kathy says when they hear a U.S. soldier has been killed close to where J is fighting, she keeps a watch out her window for the car to pull up with the bad news.

The Jones's have been grateful. Maybe, their prayers are working.

"We feel for those marines' families of Fallujah," said Gary.

"Like I said, you are relieved it's not your soldier, but you know it is somebody else's," said Kathy tearfully.

This is J's first combat since he enlisted in the army two years ago. There are some emotional stories told on the web site.

If you want to read them, you can click here.

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