A child's mental health in today's world...has it really changed so much?

The role of the pediatrician has really changed through the years. Instead of the routine physical, with vaccinations as needed, pediatricians today are screening your child's brain health.

It comes in the form of a questionnaire for parents. Dr. Patti Patterson, pediatrician and a Texas Tech Physician, says a child's check-up today has become much more than just a physical.

"Children should be screened for their mental health, their behavioral health, emotional, social well-being, even spiritual well-being. Even with good educational TV, there are problems with language delays in children. So we need to watch that, there's some great educational things on tablets, my recommendation on that, is that parents do those with the kids, the children need to learn how to interact with people, not just with characters on a tablet."

Dr. Patterson also says without a standard list of questions for the parents, studies have found that pediatricians will find only about 30% of the problems that children face today.

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