Oral Cancer Screenings

There will be more than43,000 cases of oral cancer diagnosed this year. That statistic is according tothe oral cancer foundation.

Most of us are quick toblame smoking or chewing tobacco, which can be a cause. But so can HPV, asexually transmitted disease that is on the rise. Dr. Joe Cordero says thereare still other factors that can trigger cancer of the mouth, tongue, tonsilsor throat…even excessive use of mouthwash.

"We don't think aboutchronic use of alcohol based mouthwash, i have a 17 year-old with a tonguelesion from chronic use of the mouthwash, 80 something year-old ladies, withpoorly fitted dentures that lead to chronic inflammation and can develop acancer, so we have sometimes people who never smoke or drink, they develop alittle lesion from chronic dental inflammation and infection that can also forminto cancer."

Dr. Cordero also tells usto watch for these warning signs: a sore in the mouth that doesn't heal, whiteor red lumps or patches that don't go away, a continued sore throat, a feelingthat something is caught in the throat, persistent changes in the voice, or alump in the neck.

If any of these soundfamiliar, there is a free oral cancer screening this Saturday at the SouthPlains Mall, outside of the men's Dillard's. It will be from 10: 00 a.m. to1:00 p.m.

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