Business owners ask city to 'Free My Street'

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Lubbock City Council looked out at their meeting last night to see more than 20 business owners and others in matching t-shirts that stated their purpose: to "Free My Street."

Members of this campaign have approached the City Council many times before, asking that they consider reopening Avenue K and 14th Street.

The motion failed 3-3, with District 5 Councilwoman Karen Gibson absent.

The City of Lubbock closed this road two years ago because of the hazardous marble tile falling from the vacant Omni building.

Personal Injury Attorney Davis Smith said this has made it difficult for businesses located by the street, and that the gates make it look "run down."

"We've done a lot of work, all of us, on our buildings to get them up to code," he said. "It just makes the area look awful."

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson said he understands the frustration from these business owners.

"We're going to have it back on the agenda two weeks from now," he said. "Hopefully we'll be able to take some steps that will alleviate some of their concerns and help the businesses open back up."

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