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Councilwoman Karen Gibson to serve second term for District 5

Karen Gibson (KCBD File Photo) Karen Gibson (KCBD File Photo)

In District 5, Councilwoman Karen Gibson will serve a second term. Gibson was first elected in 2010. She took 63 percent of the vote. Psychologist Dr. Brian Carr had 37 percent.

KCBD spoke with Karen Gibson after her win.

"You know, we have a lot of things moving forward. We have a synthetic marijuana ordinance, we have a lot of street issues moving forward, water and generation issues we have to deal with. We'll have issues come up that we will have to deal with. We have a lot to deal with we have a lot going on in the City of Lubbock and we have a lot we can move forward with," Gibson said. 

When asked what she thought about the election this year, Gibson said, "You know, I'm very humbled. I didn't win by as much as I wanted to, you never do I don't think. You still have a lot to do with the citizens that didn't vote for you. Obviously, there are some citizens that aren't happy so I need to get with them and figure out what the problem is and move forward."

Dr. Carr said he is thankful for the support he received in this race. He plans to stay involved as an active member of the Lubbock community and wants to remind residents that city issues matter and hopes the voter turnout will increase. 

He said moving forward "as chairman of the Board of Health that I would continue to champion issues that involve water, oil and gas, synthetic marijuana, that's within the purview of what we are done for quite sometime. So, I can continue to see myself working with the council l in those endeavors because we need to pull together and solve some problems."

Saturday afternoon, about three hours before polls closed, both candidates were hopeful. 

"If I felt like I could have just finished up," Gibson said, "I would have never run again. If I hadn't felt like I was doing a good job and that I didn't have a partnership with this district, I would have never run again. So, it's very important. I have things I want to finish up and I'm sure there's things along the way that will be triggered and we will start something new."

"Well, I think as a lifelong resident of Lubbock," Dr. Carr said early Saturday, "really having been involved the last five years in the Board of Health, that I am really kind of ready to move up. And I have dealt with the city council for the last five years, and I think they will bring a very steady leadership and studied response to the major decisions we have in front of us."

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