Drowning man saved at Buffalo Springs Lake

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - What could have been a devastating Mother's Day turned into a team effort to save one man's life at Buffalo Springs Lake.

A man, whose identity is still unknown, was reported as drowning around 3 p.m., sending emergency responders quickly into action.

One of these officials was Game Warden Drew Spencer, who was on another call when he heard the news, and turned his truck around.

He rushed to the scene in a boat and was flagged down by another boat with people who pulled the man from the water.

Spencer is also an EMT, so he hopped onto the boat to assist the man.

"Things weren't that great," he said, "but they weren't dire, either."

He sped the victim back to shore, where other medical professionals waited. Although Spencer is unsure of his condition at the hospital, he said he thinks he will be fine.

Spencer said he decided to become an EMT because he was tired of arriving first on scene and not being able to help medical-wise. He said he hopes other game wardens will consider doing the same – and so far, he is seeing progress.

"We just certified 35 ECA's," he said, "which is Emergency Care Assistants, with the push going into that direction and possibly become EMTs and beyond."