The MERS virus, why it's now affecting more patients in the U.S.

It's more lethal than theflu, but the first patient in the U.S. has recovered and been released...althoughnow, there is a second case in Florida.

The virus is called MERS,which stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. This time, a man travelingfrom Saudi Arabia learned his diagnosis in Orlando, Florida, but had notvisited any of the theme parks there before going to the hospital.

So far, in this emergingillness, there have been 538 confirmed cases worldwide, with 145 confirmeddead.  Public health experts say they expect more cases to show up in theU.S.

"Diseases arespreading all over the world, and we're all connected by the air we breathe,the water we drink, the food we eat, and the airplanes we ride ," says CDCDirector, Dr. Tom Freiden.

There is no specificanti-viral treatment for MERS, but the CDC is encouraging health care workersin the U.S. to be watchful for MERS, and respond quickly.

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