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District 1 candidate Gutierrez wants a recount

District 1 candidate for Lubbock City Council Frank Gutierrez District 1 candidate for Lubbock City Council Frank Gutierrez

District 1 candidate for Lubbock City Council Frank Gutierrez says he will ask for a recount.

This afternoon he posted on his Facebook page, "Family and Friends, thank you for your prayers, support and contributions. Be advised that our campaign will be submitting recount documents to challenge the results because the margin of victory for the declared winner was five votes. "

Gutierrez feels the election process was flawed:

"We asked many folks for their vote and some did, others were too busy, while others just plain distorted the truth when they said they voted. Additionally, the voting process was less than credible, being that one of my opponents had a voting box at the church that he and his judge wife attend. Ask yourself what would you do?"

According to the Lubbock County Elections Office 1,267 voted in District 1. The final results gave incumbent Councilman Victor Hernandez the victory with 641 votes or 50.59%. Gutierrez had 477 votes or 37.65% and Lana Bear Moore had 149 votes or 11.76%.

Gutierrez isn't alone in his attempt to get a recount. The Lubbock County Republican Party posted on their Facebook page: "From Carl (Tepper)...to his friends being a proud citizen of Lubbock."

‘I'm sending this as a proud private citizen of Lubbock. Frank Gutierrez can and should revisit the provisional ballots from his race on Saturday. His opponent is avoiding a runoff by only five (5) votes. The cost for this is $100/box for ten boxes = $1,000. I'm donating the first $100. We are asking for donations of $25, or $50, or $100 per person/family to get this done. Frank has made us proud in the way he's conducted his campaign. Really an amazing race. And on the other side Frank's opponent criticized Greg Abbott for having an Hispanic wife among about a thousand things he does to spew hate onto Republicans. Call Frank at 806-392-2892, to coordinate picking up these donations.'

Councilman Victor Hernandez posted Gutierrez's statement on his own Facebook page for his followers to see but hasn't given any direct comment about a recount.

The elections office says they are waiting for the City of Lubbock to tell them when and how to act.

"Please know that as of now, this lies in the hands of the City. Until the City lets the Elections Office know what we need to do, we have no answers. All I can tell you is that the ballot board for Elections Office meets Saturday for mail-in votes and to look over all provisional voting. Could that change things? I don't know. Do we have to recount? That's up to the City. We've been told nothing to this point. So for us it's business is as usual. If there was anything we could say on our end, trust me, we would. But this was a City/School election – and we follow their direction on any concerns they have on their part. Until we know more about anything regarding Gutierrez's concerns, we have nothing to comment on until we have direction from the City – including cost for a runoff, whether or not we will have to recount and where all Vote Centers will be placed for runoff."

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