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Hudson Takes Stand in Murder Trial

On Wednesday, for the first time a murder suspect changes his story. 27-year-old Robert Hudson took the stand facing the jury that controls his fate.

The State rested just after lunch, after they'd interviewed the Medical Examiner who observed the autopsy and the detective who investigated this murder. Graphic pictures were shown of Leah Rumbaugh's wounds, she had deep bruises all over her body and a gun shot wound to the face. Her family left the room when the pictures were shown.

The Medical Examiner discussed the angle the bullet entered Leah's face and how it exited. A mannequin was used to show the exact angle. They also discussed the distance the gun had to be from the wound for the density and debris to be as it was.

When the Defense took over, Robert Hudson himself took the stand. He proceeded to tell a whole new story, different than his original 9-1-1 call stating Leah shot herself, different from his statement to police and different from all of the witnesses that had already testified. Robert Hudson said ' I lied before, I can admit that now, but now I'm telling the truth.'

The Defense let him tell his story, but when they rested and the State took over, Assistant District Attorney Matt Powell grilled Hudson on how many lies he's told and why now he was telling the truth. Powell said he was changing his story because it didn't work anymore, now that others had testified. But Hudson said he's scared of the police and was afraid to tell the truth.

In Wednesday's version, Hudson said after a discussion with Leah about him having the gun, which she didn't like, he finally handed it to her. Hudson said he handed Leah the gun with the barrel facing her and when she grabbed it, he accidentally pulled the trigger. So for the first time Robert admitted to shooting Leah, but said it was an accident. Powell brought up numerous statements from others who had testified, and Hudson said they all lied. From his own friends to Leah's family, every one lied on the stand, but he was telling the truth for the first time.

The trial continues on Thursday, when the Defense will continue presenting it's case. If convicted Hudson could face up to life in prison.

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