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Too Much Vitamin E Could Be Dangerous

Millions of Americans take Vitamin E supplements for everything from cancer prevention to wrinkle prevention. Turns out now if they take too much of that supplement, they could instead be damaging their health. That's according to a new study at Johns Hopkins University where researchers found that high doses of Vitamin E can increase the risk of death.

"The pills or the capsules are typically 100 times more than we get from diet. And so we can't be lulled into thinking that a little bit of Vitamin E is good, well, I'll take a lot more and that will be better for me. The current recommended upper tolerable limit is 1,000 international units per day. We think that's too high," says Dr. Edgar Miller, with John Hopkins.

The study found patients who took just 400 units or more of Vitamin E per day increased their risk of death by 10%, compared to those not taking the supplements. Researchers say it's not clear if low amounts of Vitamin E supplements increased a person's risk of death, but to be on the safe side the study suggests that until the potential risks are clear, patients should turn to natural sources of Vitamin E. Natural sources of Vitamin E include plenty of leafy green vegetables, nuts and vegetable oils.

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