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The Squeeze Wrench: Does It Work?

Darrin Campbell is the supervisor at Bolton's Oil Change. He has not heard of the Squeeze Wrench. We wanted him to test this $10 product to see if it can live up to it's claim of working in impossible places, plus the makers claim this special wrench can budge stubborn bolts. But Does It Work?

Your wrench set comes with nine different sizes of socket inserts. "I've got an insert here, let's see, what size? Looks like it's going to be a 5/16," said Darrin.

Darrin had to hold his fingers over the insert because it tried to pop out of the wrench. He kept going though and worked on a trim bolt under the hood of our NewsChannel 11 car. He wanted to know if it would work better on a flat surface. "For flat application, I don't see how you can work the wrench. Maybe it would work better if the nut and bolt were on the side, or something like that would be more effective," said Darrin.

Finally, Darrin had a chance to really work the wrench. "It's not doing too bad there," he said as he tried a side application. "What about the action of it?" we asked. "It's turning it one quarter of the way. That's really all you need most of the time to bust it loose," said Darrin. "I'll tell you right now, you'll be limited on where you can use it. You can't use it on the side of the motor, because your hand and tool will not fit. You'd have to use it on an exposed bolt," said Darrin.

He says the Squeeze Wrench did help budge tight bolts but says this tool is more of an around the house gadget. However, Darrin says there's nothing special about the Squeeze Wrench at all. If you asked me, it's not worth ten bucks. It doesn't work!

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