MERS virus causing more panic

Now that a second patientin Orlando is confirmed to have Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, two healthcare workers who were treating that patient have fallen ill as well.

Although doctors are notyet sure if they also have the MERS virus, as a precaution, they have askedmore than a dozen health care workers in Orlando to stay home for two weeks tomonitor their own health in an effort to keep this thing from spreading.

"They've been askedto check their temperature twice a day and to monitor for any symptoms such asa fever, chills, muscle aches, cough or sore throat," says Dr. AntonioCrespo, with Phillips Hospital in Orlando, Florida.

The actual MERS patient, ahealth care worker from Saudi Arabia, is doing well, but remains hospitalizedin Orlando.

Meanwhile, the TSA hasstarted posting signs in major airports around the country, alerting travelersabout MERS. But most experts agree it is the health care workers who care forthe sick who seem to be most at risk.

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