Mono-mono twins called "Super heroes", health officials say

You might have seen this already,because it seems the world can't get enough of these twins, but it's just toocute to pass up.

Twins Jillian and Jenna Thistlewaitewere born in Akron, Ohio, on Friday, but they continue to grab internationalattention with their pictures crossing the globe. Here's why.

"We do thousands ofdeliveries, but this one was really special, because I took the first baby outand my partner took the second baby out, and we held them up for Sarah to see,and they immediately grasped hands," says Dr. Melissa Mancruso, with AkronChildren's Hospital.

It was a complicatedpregnancy because the girls have defied the odds of a condition calledmono-mono. That means they shared the same amniotic sac and the same placenta,something that happens in one out of 10,000 pregnancies, with a low survivalrate.

But, together, theselittle ones have super powers. Today, doctors say the girls are doing very well,almost breathing on their own. And at nearly four pounds each, they areexpected to go home in about three weeks.

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