Terry County winery gaining national attention

TERRY COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Texas Custom Wine Works has been open less than a year and it is already drawing national attention.

TCWW is a custom processing facility in Brownfield that produces wine and other products, and it is helping Terry County make a name for itself in the wine industry.

Mike Sipowicz, Director of Winemaking at TCWW, describes the facility as the biggest winery you have never heard of.

The facility's name is typically not on the labels because they make products for clients.

"Their name goes on it," Sipowicz said, "so we're kind of the work behind the scenes."

TCWW processes fruit, wine and other product ideas. They have 40,000 gallons of tank space, and up to 25 cases of wine.

The facility does not only have the capacity to produce wine, though. They also create non-alcoholic sparkling drinks, Bloody Mary mixes and much more.

"We wanted to be able to weather through those late freeze events," Sipowicz said, "and still have other products that weren't 100 percent on the grape production."

TCWW has about 40 to 45 clients, one of which is Miranda Lambert. The other half of their business is vineyard management and consulting.

"Oftentimes they'll come to us with a piece of land and a checkbook and no other information on top of that, and we help them get involved in the wine industry," said Sipowicz.

Word about TCWW is traveling fast, Sipowicz said. Wine writers from across the country toured the facility last weekend - fascinated by the rapid growth Terry County has had in the wine industry.

"It's pretty amazing, actually," Sipowicz said, "Pretty much every winery in the state has wine that is to some degree grown in the Texas High Plains."

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