Can measles cure cancer? Some experts say yes

There is amazing healthnews out of Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic Today. Doctors there say a woman withan incurable blood cancer is in remission, because of a massive dose of themeasles.

Stacy Erholtz has beenfighting multiple myeloma for about 10 years. Today, she learned that cancerwas in remission. And her doctor says Stacy fought off cancer with an enormousdose of the measles virus.

"Which was alarming,and I was happy to hear that after the fact," says Erholtz.

"We have known forsome time viruses act like a vaccine. If you inject a virus into a tumor youcan provoke the immune system to destroy that cancer and other cancers,"says Dr. Stephen Russell with the Mayo Clinic.

It's a concept that has provensuccessful in mice, but Erholtz is the first patient to receive a massivedose of the measles - enough to vaccinate 10 million people, so much that themeasles essentially attacks the cancerous tumors and makes those cells explode.

Two multiple myelomapatients were chosen in this study, and Stacy is the first to reach fullremission, a medical milestone.

The other patient wasapparently strong enough to fight off the measles, instead of letting themeasles attack the cancer.

Dr. Russell is hoping histeam at the Mayo Clinic will someday be able to transform this research into asingle shot cure. Right now, they are in phase two of their clinical trials, hopingfor FDA approval in 4 years.

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