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LP&L warns customers of potential scam


LP&L is warning customers of a potential scam that they received reports of this week.

"It entails a group of individuals calling customers and telling them that they are late on their payments and that if they don't make an immediate payment that they will be disconnected," said LP&L Spokesman Matt Rose. "In that instance you should hang up. You should dial 775-2509. Let us know about it so that we can contact the police but also so that we can log it into our greater investigation that we're working on with utilities across the state."

Buddy Beach, Franchisee for La Madeleine in Lubbock, was one of the customers who received a call.

"It came into one of my assistant managers and it scared the dickens out of him. He came to me wanting to know what to do and he said well, they're telling us within 55 minutes they're going to cut off our power from LP&L and so it concerned me," he said. "It was from a 972 area code and they had called at approximately 5:05 p.m. after they knew that LP&L had closed for business for the day. They demanded basically $1,277 for a past due LP&L bill that in fact was not due."

Beach says thankfully he didn't give away any information but he looked over his records just to make sure he was right.

"I went and got my checkbook and said I paid with check number xyz and gave them the amount of what I paid. He said well, you still owe this amount our records are showing and he said that the main office had already closed and I need to go ahead and pay over the phone," he said. "They were asking for a credit card or a check by phone. Had I gone ahead and gone with the scam they had access to my bank account, they had access to everything that I have."

Matt Rose says LP&L has received more three or four calls this week from people who were targeted by this scam. He says there are some things customers need to remember to keep themselves protected.

"If it's a live person demanding payment over the phone, that's not the way that we conduct business and that should alert you right there that it could be a scammer," Rose said."In that instance you should hang up. You should dial 775-2509. Let us know about it so that we can contact the police."

In addition to calling LP&L, Rose says people should contact the Lubbock Police Department and your financial institution to make sure they are aware of unauthorized people accessing your accounts.

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