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Food for Thought Report 11.11

There was no brown nosing involved when health inspectors performed their school inspections this past week. Their scores were definitely earned. From elementary to high school, here's how they stacked up.

Food for Thought 11.11
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 11/11/04.

The Alderson Academy All Stars lived up to their title during a surprise visit from health inspectors last week. The kitchen staff at 219 Walnut Avenue kept up to code earning zero critical violations.

Over at Bean elementary at 3001 Avenue N, it was the same. Bean may be one of the oldest elementary schools in Lubbock, but it's also one of the best as far as food safety. They are our second top performing school.

The Mustangs of Hardwick Elementary at 1420 Chicago ran away with top performer honors as well. That Mustang pride is certainly swelling after a perfect health inspection.

On this Veteran's holiday, how appropriate for a school named after a military man to gain top performer honors. Located at 5402 12th Street, Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie would be proud that Mackenzie Junior High had zero critical violations.

Over at Parkway Academy at 406 Zenith, they may put learning first, but you have to keep those learners fueled with healthy food, and that they do! They're our last top performing school this week.

All five top performing cafeteria's are run by Aramark. Aramark takes health inspections and food safety very seriously and it showed in their five top performers. Merryl Barker, Aramark's Director of Communications and Marketing, says, "We're extremely proud. We reiterate over and over again with our managers that the only score we want is a perfect score and that's all they want and it's unfortunate when that doesn't happen."

It didn't happen for two of Aramark's other LISD schools, but just barely. At Hodges Elementary their only critical violation was evidence of rodent droppings in a mop room. Barker says, "No other traces were found near food areas. However, that's not acceptable to us. We immediately deep cleaned. The entire staff deep cleaned the kitchen and the exterminator was called."

Just one critical violation to report at Coronado High School as well. Food was date marked for eight days. Seven is the max. Barker says, "Apparently when that was marked, the employee forgot about the 31st day of the month. It was just a day off and it was immediately thrown out."

As far as restaurants go, we have two top performers and no lows for a change! Yes, it's a nice break from critical violations this week. A perfect health inspection earns the Weinerschnitzel located at 4809 34th Street its first top performer plaque, and it's been a long time coming. Owner, Franco Macalusso says, "I've really been waiting for this moment for exactly 40 months and 11 days today and I just thank all my people for their hard work and dedication."

Manager Daniel Rodriguez says, "We just make sure to always stay on top of everything. We make sure everything is changed when it needs to be. We've done a really good job of that." Macalusso adds, "They're (the employees) self-motivated people ready to perform. They keep it clean and I can't do that by myself."

Just one more top performer to bring you this week. Treb's Grill at 1823 Buddy Holly Avenue also had zero critical violations.

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