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Teacher You Can Count On - Joy Zas

Ask Joy Zas' first graders who ran in the recent presidential election and you'll receive a quick reply.

"President Bush and John Kerry," says Idalis Garcia, a first grader at Stewart Elementary.

It doesn't stop there, though, you'll also learn some interesting facts about the running mates lives.

"That Kerry goes to the Democratic Party and he has two daughters," says Nicholas Hamilton, a first grader at Stewart Elementary.

In the process of discovering more about Senator Kerry and President Bush, Zas also gave her students a chance to express their creative side.

"We put pictures up of the president," says Garcia.

"They brought newspaper clippings. They brought Internet papers off the computer and they glue them out there and they have filled each rectangle up," says Zas.

If people question whether her students really understand the presidential race, Zas has no doubt in her mind that they do.

"Children are very smart, we should never doubt. It just seems like whatever I teach them, these kids soak it up and they just remember it," says Zas.

It is her belief in her students abilities and her desire to keep them informed of the news happening today that makes Zas the "current" teacher you can count on.

When Zas isn't informing her students about politics she enjoys reading and walking with her husband. If you have a teacher you think we need to recognize, send an e-mail teacher@kcbd.com.

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