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Grade Configurations Start Early for Section of LISD

About two weeks ago, the district sent out notices to parents whose kids go to school in Northeast Lubbock. They told them grade configurations could happen early. So the decision on Thursday was no surprise.

"I think this will be a great opportunity for our kids to make that transition now. It will be a smooth transition," said one mother who has 8th grader at Dunbar Junior High School.

"I accept it because in the other school systems in Texas, it has the same grade levels. They have middle schools. We do not in Lubbock, so I welcome it," said another woman who has grandkids in 4th grade.

We knocked on doors, talked to several people, and not one of them had anything bad to say about the school board's decision. "The board decided the timeliness of moving in to Quadrant IV and establishing K-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th grades, that we approved in January, would fit very nicely for that portion," said Lubbock Independent School District Board President Mark Griffin.

Quadrant IV is a fancy name for the section containing these schools: Estacado High, Parkway and Bozeman Elementary, Alderson and Dunbar Junior High Schools.

Fifth graders this year will move on to the sixth grade to what will now be known as a middle school. Eight graders this year will be freshman in high school. Why did the board just target the Northeast schools? "Estacado is ready to accommodate the ninth graders," said Griffin.

Enrollment at Estacado High School, compared to the other high schools in the district, is significantly low. Take a look at the numbers: Lubbock High has 1,619 students; Monterey has 1,602; and Coronado has 1,627. Estacado has around 870. 150 of those students are already ninth graders. School administrators say the school is big enough to house 1,200 students.

Officials say with that kind of space means less construction, making the shift in grades that much easier.

This change for next school year is only for Quadrant IV schools, Parkway and Bozeman Elementary schools will house K-5. Alderson and Dunbar will be middle schools with students 6-8 grades. All 9th graders will attend Estacado High School.

There are some other options, contact your school for more information.

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