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Musical Doctors Give in a Big Way

It looks like an ordinary Christmas CD until you see who's inside. Dr. Lowry Schaub, an Anesthesiologist, Dr. Guy Hirsch, a Radiologist, Dr. Jeff Paxton, Family Medicine, Dr. Corey Haggard, an Anesthesiologist, Dr. Brad Snodgrass, Internal Medicine, Dr. Tom Windisch, a Radiologist, and Dr. Richie Rosen, a General Surgeon.

The CD is appropriately called "Holiday Blues in Greens," that being the outfit most of them wear, most of the time. "This has been such a break from what we do every day," says Dr. Rosen.

"We enjoy so much going to the recording studio and being a part of that world for a while," says Dr. Snodgrass.

Because in this world, these doctors are different. Instead of hands that heal, these hands soothe the soul. "I think we all feel like we're doing something more to fight cancer than our usual occupation," says Dr. Rosen.

So, how can you fight cancer with drum-sticks? The seven doctors are hoping they can sell hundreds of Christmas C.D.'s. They've donated their time, talent and production costs, and this week, they delivered the finished product as a gift to the American Cancer Society.

It took a long time to get here. With a guitar hidden in his office closet, it was the dream of Dr. Rosen to find and showcase some musicians in medicine. It was a plan that took 18 months of hard work. Finally now, his office is complete with pictures of his kids, some buddies, and a blow-up of his CD cover.

All these songs are medical music to Dr. Rosen and the others, the best kind of treatment these doctors can give themselves. One more picture in this office keeps him grounded. Kenny Bowles, a cancer patient, the real reason why this effort is so important.

"Everybody involved in this disc is in medicine for the patient. It came together at the right time, for the right cause, and we're pleased in the end," says Dr. Rosen.

If you would like to purchase the CD, look for an order form at the Junior League booth as you enter Holiday Happening this weekend, or you can contact the American Cancer Society at (806) 792-7126. Each CD will be "sold" for a donation of $15 to the American Cancer Society.

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