Thomas Rios Pays It Forward: 5/19

Thomas Rios
Thomas Rios

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Pay It Forward started out along Boston Avenue between 34th and 50th Street this week. We set up in the heart of Lubbock searching for this week's playmaker and recipient.

Thomas Rios was the first to spot our Pay It Forward sign. Thomas felt led to pull into the parking lot after seeing our sign.

Thomas told us he wanted to assist Lisa Cazarez. Lisa is a manager at Dairy Queen on South University near Trinity Christian School.

The Dairy Queen at this location made local news a few months ago when someone attacked a couple of employees late at night. They suffered serious injuries. Lisa was the manager and Thomas worked for her at the time, even though he was just off duty before the robbery took place.

"I recently worked for Dairy Queen when it was robbed. She made an impact in my life. She loves my kids. She tutors one of my daughters. She is amazing." Rios told us.

Lisa was just returning to work when we arrived at Dairy Queen to find her. She drove into the parking lot and was completely surprised.

Thomas told her that he really appreciated all that she does for his family. He counted out $300 to Lisa.

Lisa told him she appreciated the kind gesture. When we asked Lisa how she would spend the money, she told us, "Honestly, I'll probably give it away."

Lisa thanked Thomas for thinking of her and gave him a hug.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon. You may become our next playmaker.

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