Still no sirens in Lubbock, one year after OK tornado

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Tuesday is the one-year anniversary of the deadly tornado that touched down in Moore, Oklahoma.

It caused a disaster that killed 24 people, including nine children.

It caused people in Lubbock to question how they would be warned if a tornado was approaching, since there are no sirens here like there were in Moore.

One concerned citizen is City Councilman Todd Klein.

Last year, he and Latrelle Joy were the only council members fully in favor of spending tax dollars for sirens.

A citizen task force began studying the benefits and costs of sirens, a cost estimated to be millions of dollars. They presented their findings to the council last November, which Klein said was not in a timely manner.

Council members said they still needed more data to be able to make a decision.

Klein wanted tornado sirens up by this tornado season, but says the process is not going as fast as he would like.

"I'm ready to go on this issue," Klein said. "I think the public is ready to go on this issue. We need to make sure that the City Council, that the city organization, is ready to go."

Klein says the issue is urgent and that it's better to be safe than sorry. Last year he received about 3,000 emails from concerned citizens about this issue, which he says is the most he has ever received about one topic alone.

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