Local expert says you might not have to exercise as hard as you think

In Washington, the president'scouncil has named May, National Physical Fitness and Sports month.

Here at home, Dr. TeddMitchell is president of the Health Sciences Center, but his specialty issports medicine. And, he says a big reason we fail at exercise, is we try to dotoo much, in spurts

"So, the keyingredient in somebody developing an activity program for health, it's not theintensity of it, it's the consistency of it. If I put you on medicine for yourblood pressure, I wouldn't say 'Look, Karin, take it all on Saturday, don'tworry about it', you take a little bit each day, by the same token with exercise,with all the health benefits, you never say, look don't worry about it, but onthe weekend, just knock yourself out. You want people to take a little medicineevery day. Typically we'll recommend people do something about 30 minutes, Mondaythrough Thursday, and just moderate intensity and brisk walks, it doesn't haveto be this intense, get out there and beat myself up, sweatyprocess."

The Health Sciences Centeris a major sponsor of "Get Fit Lubbock", a program that encouragesarea companies to start wellness plans with incentives to encourage employeesto get healthy. And the folks over there can help you get your work force startedin a program like that. The TTUHSC contact person for community health programsis Annette boles. Her email is annette.boles@ttuhsc.edu

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