Drowning safety: how to keep your child safe in the pool

We know from the CDC, thatevery day, two kids under the age of 14 die from accidental drowning. Most of them are in the under four age group.

This holiday weekend, askids everywhere are excited to get their feet wet, Dr. Tammy Camp, apediatrician offers some important reminders.

"Parents would often bepresent and think they're supervising, but they get distracted by conversationswith other people, playing cards, they're mowing the lawn, they're talking ontheir telephone, or texting, and in that very short period of time, a child canbecome sub-merged, and it's silent, so nobody notices."

Dr. Camp also says it's arelief when a child survives and the accident is a "near" drowning, insteadof fatal. But near drownings can leave lifelong complications. So, since adultsupervision is the safest way to protect a child, she tells parents never counton floaties to keep your kids afloat.

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