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Promising New Type of Male Contraceptive

Researchers are making progress in the search for a birth control device for men. Right now, they're just testing it in monkeys, but the male monkeys are showing this new drug is nearly 80% effective in preventing conception.

One problem, though, it appears the drug may provide too much birth control, that almost 30% of the monkeys given this injection remained infertile even after the shots were stopped, so there are a few obstacles to overcome.

The study published in the Journal Science suggests that one incidental problem could be women trusting men with the birth control. Researchers believe the non-hormonal drug sparks the immune system to create antibodies targeting a crucial sperm protein called Eppin.

The study involved nine monkeys that all were given the drug. The drug worked in seven of the nine monkeys. Five of the seven regained their fertility in anywhere between 15 and 180 days of the drug being stopped.

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