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A Reunion 29 Years in the Making

29 years ago, in 1975, Phoebe Duggan was at a Christmas party in Midland. She went to the ladies room to wash her hands, took her class ring off and walked off without it. She recalls, "I walked back in and nobody confessed that they had it."

In 1975, Phoebe Duggan (then Phoebe Skelly) was freshly graduated from McMurry University in Abilene. Phoebe's parents bought her a class ring decorated with her sorority's Greek letters as a graduation gift, it was a gift she only got to enjoy for a few months. Phoebe says, "Of course I tell my mother and she was very disappointed that I was so irresponsible and it would not be replaced."

So, for years, Phoebe never forgot about that ring and always wished it could be replaced. Then nearly 30 years later she explains, "I got a phone call from McMurry University, a young girl said she was looking for Phoebe Duggan and she had my college class ring."

Over the years, Phoebe's class ring had somehow traveled many miles and probably changed many hands. It ended up in California amongst a pile of vintage gold jewelry and was then put on E-bay. That's where a McMurry employee saw it, and notified McMurry's Director of Resident Life. She bought it and tracked Phoebe down from her initials engraved inside.

Pheobe says, "I was absolutely ecstatic. I was like I cannot believe this. I cannot believe this! She said she'd put it in the mail the next day and I was just very excited I was going to get it back, and I kept looking for it in the mailbox and it never came."

Phoebe kept awaiting the reunion, anxiously checking her mailbox for days. Little did she know the Vice-President of McMurry University would make the special delivery personally. Now with its rightful owner, the class ring brought the memories flooding back. Phoebe says, "I met my husband at McMurry, very very fond memories. I loved going to McMurry."

So the moral of the story is: keep your precious rings on when you wash your hands. Or maybe as Phoebe says, it's "If you've lost something you can always find it on E-bay."

Phoebe has not taken the ring off since she got it back this past Thursday. Phoebe is a Teacher's Assistant at Coronado High School.

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