Billy Jefferson Pays It Forward: 5/26

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This week, Pay It Forward started out near 49th and Avenue U. We set up with our sign seeking this week's playmaker.

Billy Jefferson spotted our sign right away. We asked him the famous question, "If you had $300 to give, who would you choose?"

Billy chose Brittany Beesinger as this week's recipient of $300.

When asked why he chose Brittany, he told us, "She's a mom. Her husband is a truck driver. Never home. They're doing what they can to get the bills paid."

We drove into Central Lubbock where Brittany works at a daycare facility. We surprised Brittany in the parking lot.

She was nervous, but gladly accepted $300 when Billy counted the money out.

How will Brittany spend the money?

"I've got a little girl. It will help us get the things we need and get the bills paid," she said.

Brittany gave Billy a hug and said, "Thank you."

Be looking for your chance to Pay It Forward soon! You could become our next playmaker.

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