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United employees help customers push cars out of water after heavy rains

United Staff Rescuing Customers (Submitted by Susan Harrison Vaters) United Staff Rescuing Customers (Submitted by Susan Harrison Vaters)

The west side of the United Market Street parking lot at 98th and Quaker became a lake Monday afternoon after heavy rains rolled through Lubbock, causing many cars in the parking lot to become submerged.

"I was in the back room and a guy was looking out of the hole. He said oh water is up to the cars, so I ran out to look at my truck and there was just water up to the tires," said United employee Gregg Miller. "We all came outside, saw that there was flooding and it was up to the tires so we all started taking action and pulling cars out of the water."

The water reached thigh level on many employees but that didn't stop them from getting in to help.

"Some people didn't want to get wet that owned the vehicles so we took their keys, hopped in the car and a lot of them got water inside the vehicle," said Miller. "We're all getting wet it's all worth it. We're here to help as a team, just like if somebody falls down you're going to help pick them up and that's what we're all about. We're about teamwork. As you can see we even have a couple of customers helping us out."

Austin Cadd was one of those customers.

"Basically I was just pulling up to get some fruit from the grocery store and I saw some guys pulling some cars out so I figured right now I'd be a good Samaritan and help pull some cars out," he said. "I just thought it was the right thing to do. I like to help people out, try to get a couple brownie points on my side so I figured it'd be good karma."

His parents watched as their son got in the water to help.

"They were fine with it. They said get your butt out there. I was extremely blessed it wasn't my car. I would probably be crying right now. I love my baby but a lot of them were pretty flooded some of them probably had 5 or 6 inches. One radio was floating in one car so I feel bad for them. I'll be praying for them tonight for sure and I hope their insurance covers it."

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