Rain arrives at perfect time for area farmers

LORENZO, TX (KCBD) - Recent rain across the South Plains came at a perfect time for some area farmers.

Mark Schoepf in Lorenzo planted his cotton last Wednesday, and the rain came shortly after.

He checked his fields Tuesday morning to find some of his crops have already sprouted, an event he calls an answer to his prayers.

One of Schoepf's fields stretches a quarter mile long from his house to Highway 62, but the Schoepf family's fields don't stop there.

His father, sons, brothers and nephew also farm land in Crosby County, and some of them say they got about seven inches of the "right kind of rain" on their land.

Schoepf began farming cotton in the 1980s. This his 34th crop, and he says it's off to a promising start.

"We've had good, soaking rains, and that lets the moisture keep percolating through," he said. "So that's been good."

Just a week ago, Schoepf said he and other local farmer's moods were gloom and doom. Now he can plant even the dry land he had given up on.

"We're at least hopeful that we can get it up and going," he said.

Schoepf says he has about 80 percent of his fields planted at this time and in order to plant the rest of them, he's going to need some consistent sunshine.

"It's a whole lot better to have too wet of a problem," he said, "than it is too dry."

Schoepf can remember every one of his previous crops and says he has a great feeling about this one.

"I don't want to say now that the drought is over, but it's an awful good start," he said. "Just let us get it planted, let us get it up, and get established and about every two weeks bring me a two-inch rain. That would be a perfect world."

Schoepf has had his irrigation turned off since Friday, and will not need it for the next three weeks, even if there is no rain.

He said turning off these 70 irrigation wells is a major savings to himself and his family.

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