What age should you be concerned if your child isn't talking?

The American Speech,Language and Hearing Association says that by age two, kids should beresponding to commands and interacting with others.

But often times, kids inpre-school are still quiet and hard to understand...so, we asked a licensedspeech and hearing pathologist...is there an age guideline for that?

"Parents who arearound them and used to listening to them all the time, should be able tounderstand 100% of what their kids are saying, otherwise, if not, then youmight want to take a look into calling a speech pathologist," says CarolynPerry, speech pathologist, TTUHSC.

Perry says you shouldstart searching for a speech pathologist when your child reaches four years ofage. She also suggests a coupled of excellent websites for parents.

Perry says two useful websitesare http://identifythesigns.org, aswell as http://www.txsha.org/.

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