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Food For Thought: 5.29


From a Lubbock newcomer to a repeat low performer, we've got a full plate in this week's Food for Thought.

There are four stops at the top this week:

  •  Dunkin Donuts at 7901 University
  •  Bless Your Heart at 3701 19th St.
  •  Firehouse Subs at 5027 Milwaukee
  •  One Guy from Italy at 1101 University

Now to this week's low performers:

We start at Hong Kong at 4845 50th St., where health inspections found nine critical violations.

  • Numerous items in the cooler were voluntarily thrown out because they were above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Multiple items on the buffet were not at least 135 degrees.
  • Several cans were dented. This can lead to botulism.
  • Raw chicken and eggs were stored over potatoes.
  • Multiple food items had the wrong date mark on them.
  • An employee handled ready-to-eat chicken with their bare hands.
  • There were no paper towels at a hand sink.
  • Scoops, knives and the inside of the ice machine were dirty.
  • According to the report, management did not demonstrate proper food safety knowledge.

Management said that everything has been corrected. The report shows that as well.

Ruby Tequilas at 8601 University had 11 critical violations.

  • Multiple foods in the walk-in cooler were above 41 degrees. They were voluntarily thrown out.
  • The walk-in cooler was not maintaining an ambient temperature of 41 degrees.
  • The thermometer in the walk in cooler was not working.
  • Employees did not wash their hands before putting on gloves or when changing tasks.
  • An employee handled ready-to-eat food items with their bare hands.
  • Lemons were bad and thrown out.
  • Raw eggs were stored above milk and half and half.
  • Several food items did not have an expiration date.
  • Sanitizing solutions were not strong enough.
  • Multiple items in the kitchen were dirty, including cutting boards, a paper towel dispenser, soda nozzles and other food service items.
  • The inspector notes, due to the number and the nature of the violations, food safety knowledge was not displayed.

Management said that all violations were corrected. The report shows that as well.

Click here to see the full report for this week.

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