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South Plains Food Bank providing healthy meals for hungry kids


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three kids in America is overweight or obese.

The USDA also reports that one in four American kids live in homes that struggle to provide food.

Ironically, many of the kids with weight issues are the very ones who are "hungry," because processed foods are not the right foods.

That's why the South Plains Food Bank focuses on providing families with food options to provide well-balanced meals.

With summer officially underway, many students will lose their guaranteed two meals a day - breakfast and lunch - that the school provides.

That leaves kids with a decrease in not only the amount of food, but the quality.

David Weaver with the South Plains Food Bank said that they're hoping to combat that.

"The quality of the meals and the health of the meals is one of the things that we really try to emphasize with all of our food programs, but especially in the summer," Weaver said.

The Kids Café is a program through the food bank which provides after-school meals for kids.

But without the guaranteed breakfasts and lunches that the school provides, the food bank is filling in the cracks.

"It will step in and start providing breakfast and lunch," Weaver said.

Over-processed, sugar-based foods are often times the cheapest and most available, and in most cases, lead to obesity and health issues in today's youth.

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