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Arrest warrant provides details from Jordan homicide investigation


In an arrest warrant for Danny Jordan obtained by KCBD, the Lubbock Police Department lays out a detailed timeline, "to outline the probable cause that Danny Mack Jordan committed the act of criminal homicide in causing the death of Shelley Myers Jordan."

On Monday May, 26th, the arrest warrant reports that Shelley Jordan placed a phone call to her friend in San Antonio, TX at 10 a.m. A few hours later, at 7:15 p.m., the warrant states that Courtney Huntsman, Shelley and Danny Jordan's daughter, received a call from Danny saying that her mom had left town.

The warrant states that the next day, Danny called Courtney again, this time leaving a voicemail, asking Courtney to pick him up because he was lost and his car was stuck in the mud.

Around the same time, a person called the Hockley County Sheriff's Office saying that someone was knocking on the door of 161 FM 2130 and was possibly stuck in the mud. The arrest warrant shows that a friend showed up to the address to help Danny. He followed the friend in a maroon Thunderbird to the home at 6311 N. FM 2528.

The arrest warrant reports that Danny's friend drove him to Courtney's house, where he spent a short time before being driven back to the home on N. FM 2528. Courtney describes seeing the maroon Thunderbird parked in the driveway and noticed that was Danny acting nervous. The warrant states that Courtney went into the kitchen for 15 minutes, at which point she tried to find her father and noticed the Thunderbird is gone.

The warrants reads: "Courtney and Sean drive to the back of the property to the west and locate the Thunderbird parked behind a green shipping container. Danny is in the front seat of the vehicle. Danny gets out of the vehicle and is shaking and ‘fumbling' with the keys. Courtney takes the keys. Courtney asks Danny why he parked the care there. Danny states it is to move it to a more secure area, and out of plain view."

The warrant states that on Wednesday morning, Courtney went to the home on Detroit Ave. under the recommendation of her attorney.

The warrant states: "They were looking for anything that would indicate the location of Shelley. While looking, they observed what appeared to be blood spatter in the home office room."

The arrest warrant states that just before 10 a.m., police officers responded to the home on Detroit Ave., confirming the blood spatter. They then began their investigation. Officers took a sample of the blood and sent it to the DPS lab where, "a presumptive test revealed it to be blood from a human being."

It states that, "Detectives went to Trust Point in an attempt to speak to Danny in reference to this case. We met with Danny and explained to him why we were there. Detective Karren asked Danny if he knew where Shelly was. Danny immediately requested an attorney."

On Thursday the arrest warrant reports that, "Cpl Timms located what appeared to be bloody foot prints and bloody drag marks, leading from the room containing the blood spatter into the garage. These marks appeared to have been cleaned and were not easily visible. Cpl. Timms also located, what appeared to be blood transfers on the washing machine, consistent with someone having placed bloody clothing into the machine."

The warrant states that investigators also found a significant amount, "of what appeared to be human blood, inside the trunk of Danny Jordan's Ford Thunderbird."

The warrant goes onto to read that around 2:45 p.m. on Thursday, remains were found 0.3 miles south of 6311 N FM 2528. It states that the body was, "covered with a bath towel, black jacket and what appeared to be a door mat."

The medical examiner confirmed on Friday that the body was that of Shelley Jordan, and Danny Jordan was taken into custody by Lubbock Police.

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