LP&L promises no surprises with fixed rate billing

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - People in Lubbock may have been dreading this summer, due to the expected increase in their electric bills.

Residents still remember last year's billing error and the summer rate hike from LP&L.

But this summer LP&L says they are working to make sure its customers have no surprises.

LP&L spokesman Matt Rose says LP&L understands that the inconsistent bills last year were unfair, and the company wanted to make a change for their customers.

So now, they are using a fixed rate.

They decided last November that the fixed rate should allow customers to know what to expect each month.

Customers pay one rate during the summer and another during the winter.

Rose tells us the only way the rate would change is if something such as the cost of natural gas spiked above the norm.

Any overages will be covered by a $3,500,000 cash reserve fund LP&L has set aside.

Now, there is even an incentive for customers to conserve energy.

"If you use the same amount of electricity, your bill will be the same," Rose said. "If you take it upon yourself to conserve and to use less electricity, then your electric bill will go down. Last summer our customers didn't have that luxury."

Rose says that with this fixed rate, he expects LP&L to continue to have lower rates than Xcel Energy.

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