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Sharpen Your Skills with the November Driving Quiz

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If two or more drivers, arrive at a four way stop sign at the same time who goes first?

A. The driver to your right.
B. The driver to your left.

The answer is A. The driver to your right. DPS Trooper Robyn Wilson says, "If two or more cars arrive at the same time, let the car to your right, cross the intersection first. Not everybody knows this rule, so when in doubt, be patient and motion to the other driver to proceed." The same rule applies to unmarked intersections or those with flashing red lights.


If you are driving behind a truck and you can't see the driver's reflection in his or her side mirrors, the truck driver can't see you.

The answer is true. DPS Trooper Sparky Dean says, "Trucks have large blind spots along each side and directly behind the trailer and in front of the tractor. These areas are called the "no zone." When you're driving in any of these blind spots, your car disappears from the truck's drivers view."

Who must wear a safety belt in the front seat of a car or truck?

A. The Driver Only
B. The Passengers Only
C. The Driver and Passengers

The correct answer is C. Trooper Wilson says, "The driver can be issued a ticket if he or she is not wearing a safety belt or if there are any unsecured children in the car. Any adult front seat passengers who aren't buckled up can be ticketed as well."

Until what age must a child be secured in a safety seat while sitting in the back-seat?

A. 12
B. 15
C. 17

The answer is C. 17. Trooper Dean says, "Children and teens in the front or back seat must be secured in a safety belt until they're seventeen. Kids less than four years old or less than thirty-six inches tall have to be restrained in a child safety seat. It's the law in Texas." If you're caught breaking the law, you can face a fine up to $200 plus court costs.

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