Norovirus causing nervousness at the CDC

A disturbing report camedown from the CDC today; particularly if you like to eat out.

A vital signs report findsnorovirus, a miserable stomach bug, is the number one cause of illness fromcontaminated food in the U.S. …which affects about 20 million people everyear.

But, here's what is mostalarming.  The CDC blames most of thecases on restaurant employees.... who show up for work anyway, despite thesevere gastro intestinal bug.

So now, the CDC isrecommending improvements in the food service industry, like requiring workersto practice good hand hygiene while on the job, and urging them to stay homewhen they're sick.

Norovirus is a hard bug tokill; the CDC says if kitchen utensils or cutting boards are not washedproperly, the virus can live on them for up to 2 weeks. And, it is socontagious that just a tiny particle of the bug can spread to a thousand people.

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