Teens are no longer buckling up experts say

A survey from Safe Kids Worldwidefinds that whether they forget, or they just don't want to wrinkle theirclothes, it's alarming how many teens are not buckling up.

"In almost half of those cases, the teenswere not buckled up. We're talking about drivers as well as passengers,"says Kate Carr, President and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide.

About 2,500 teenagers dieeach year in car accidents.  In fact, more teens die in car crashes thanfrom any other cause, yet this survey of a thousand teens found that ¼ of themsaid they didn't buckle up every time for a variety of reasons, often justbecause they weren't going that far.

One other note and you cancome to your own conclusion, but the kids who did not buckle up, often saidtheir moms and dads didn't buckle either.

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