Taking action against Alzheimer's

What if there was a testyou could take that would tell you if you're going to get Alzheimer's?    Would you take it?

Most people indicatethey'd rather not know.  But, Dr. Bradley Miller, a neuro-scientist studyingAlzheimer's, says anything you can do to find it early and prevent the damage,you should do it.

"It's just like a forestfire, once all the trees have burned down, it's a little late to be throwingwater on the whole mess, but if you can stop it right when it's a brush fire,you can save everything, and the goal is the same with Alzheimer's disease.Find out when it's starting and if you've got an agent that can stop theseabnormal proteins, or these abdominal processes, that's when you take it."

Dr. Miller left Texas Techto pursue drug studies for Eli Lilly. In the meantime, he says we know thesethings can help prevent Alzheimer's; regular exercise, good nutrition, keepingsocially active with friends, and exercising the mind. By either learning somethingnew, or tackling crossword puzzles.

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