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Lubbock deputies catch motorcycle thief in resident's yard


Lubbock County resident Paul Garcia had just returned home from work on Tuesday afternoon when he was given the scare of a lifetime.

"I was sitting in the recliner inside my house and I heard some noise. I heard the slamming of car doors," he said.

Paul assumed it was his wife returning from picking up their grandchildren so he pretended to be asleep. But when no one came through the front door he quickly realized there was something else going on.

Paul heard more noise and stepped outside.

"I saw a Sheriff's car and I said what's going on? I looked to my left and there was two Sheriff's deputies looking behind my house. Somebody said we already got him, we got him," Garcia said. "One of the Sheriff's deputies looked at me and said go back in. He said go back in the house, so I went back inside."

According to Lt. Bryan Taylor with the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, a man had stolen a motorcycle and crashed near the Garcia home. He tried to run away on foot and was eventually arrested in the Garcia's yard. Lt. Taylor couldn't release a name at this time.

Garcia says it was quite a shock and enough excitement for one lifetime.

"Nothing like that has ever happened to me ever," he said. "My dog was barking so I said well, mamma has come home already from picking up the kids so it shocked me, it really did."

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