Buying your little blue pill over the Internet might be more dangerous than you think, says one local expert

There have been a lot ofspin-offs since Viagra introduced "the little blue pill" 15 yearsago. In a recent HealthWise report, we told you Eli Lilly is trying to get asimilar drug, Cialis, over the counter in this country. That is if the FDAapproves it.

Dr. Alan Haynes, a urologist,says that might be a good option for men, if their doctor knew they were buyingit over the counter, and if that counter was inside a pharmacy, because hesays, there is a real concern when men try to buy these pills online.

"The message we try togive people when they look at these on the Internet, it may be cheaper, but becareful where you buy, because what you may think is an address on an Internetthat's a pharmacy in Canada, but do you really know how to read Internetaddresses? Because they could be going to take some place in Nicaragua andsending you fake drugs or dangerous drugs."

Dr. Haynes adds that erectiledysfunction is most common over age 50.  But, he says, if you areexperiencing it at a younger age, you should see a physician, because it couldbe a blood pressure problem, or a symptom of diabetes.

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