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HealthWise at 5 From 11.15

  • Focused Radiosurgery

A new machine provides doctors and patients with greater options in radiation therapy. Emory University is the site of the world's first trilogy system. The image-guided machine can perform high-end, stereotactic, or non-invasive, surgery for brain and head cancers. It is also flexible enough to do more conventional radiation therapy for cancer in other parts of the body. The system also makes adjustments for patient breathing, which can change the position of a tumor, allowing doctors to customize the radiation dose and protect normal tissue.

  • Sick Day Toll

With the flu vaccine in short supply, doctors expect this year will result in a bumper crop of bronchitis and sinusitis infections, and that leads to costly downtime at work. A survey by the University of Pittsburgh finds that about 1/4 of people who regularly suffer from the illnesses miss three or more days of work. We worry about the flu but overall workdays are missed due to bronchitis and sinusitis.

  • West Nile Vaccine

Swatting down West Nile virus will one day likely happen with a shot. Researchers throughout the world are working on a vaccine to beat the virus right at the get-go. Crucell, a bio-tech company in the Netherlands, has already isolated a human cell called PER.C6 and they are using it to produce a West Nile vaccine. In early studies, 90% of animals vaccinated against the mosquito-borne disease using the PER.C6 cell were protected after just one injection.

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