Researchers say a new treatment for Parvo could change animal health

The Parvo-virus is ahighly contagious viral disease that can kill a dog, mainly from the loss offluids. There is a vaccine that can treat it, but the vaccine needs atleast 3 months to take effect.

Now, a research company, Avianax,says it has developed another option, called Parvo-One. It includes two shotswithin 24 hours of testing positive for the virus…and within 12 hours of thefirst shot, the animal is drinking again.

Parvo-One uses antibodiesfrom the yolk of a goose egg, and Avianax says it believes those same antibodiescan treat 12 viruses, including rabies and avian flu.

Currently the USDA hasgranted an experimental license to Avianax, and the treatment has been testedon a variety of breeds in 50 dogs in seven states.

"It has been anabsolute God send, it gives us hope and we had a liter of puppies that wentthrough the treatment, and before we were lucky if any of those puppies wouldsurvive. We did have some survival rate and that was wonderful," says Circle ofFriends Humane Society Executive Director, Arlette Moen.

The Parvo-One treatmentwill hit the market next year. Avianax officials say they hope these antibodiescould be used someday in treating people too. The U.S. Army has alreadyexpressed an interest in using a similar anti-body technology for treating thehanta-virus.

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