Saturday night storms cause damage across South Plains

On Saturday night, Garrett James had already put his six children in bed - but they wouldn't be asleep for long.

When James heard strong winds, he looked out his window, saw the storm, and began to scramble.

"All of these trees next to us over here," he said, "were pretty much almost blowing down."

Then, his house lost electricity. He rounded up his children and hid them in a closet, while he decided what to do next.

However, the lack of light didn't stop James from seeing what the storm brought to his house, a little too close for comfort.

"And there was a dumpster sitting on our front porch," he said, "and it had caved it in."

But the damage had just begun. Right down the road from James, Jay Box said he ran to his front door after hearing a loud boom.

"I look over here and see this camper just lying over on its side," Box said. "And once everything cleared up, I just came outside and me and the guy across the street went over here to make sure that nobody was in the camper."

That is when James said he noticed something else behind the unoccupied house that was a little more concerning. A shed, filled with a young woman's possessions, was gone.

"It picked it up and dumped all through that guy's field and also tore his irrigation system, flipped it upside down," James said. "I mean, it definitely was a lot of high wind. It was bad."

Then the neighborhood did something Box said they have always done - stick together.

"We got up early this morning and started flipping dumpsters and dragging dumpsters," he said, "trying to clean everything up, get the trash picked back up. There was glass scattered everywhere, and it was a mess, but we managed to get it. I lost my mailbox, but we got it back up."

They were all thankful to see each of their neighbors unharmed, and want to make sure it stays this way.

"It kind of woke everyone up," Box said. "I think we're all going to try to invest in storm shelters and everything."

Box said he noticed there were no drag marks or any signs of travel from the dumpster onto James' front porch, meaning it had to have been picked up and dropped there.

Last night, there was straight line damaging winds reported in the South Plains, ranging from 80 to 100 miles per hour.

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