Selfie Surgery

Instagram may be free tothe one who takes and sends the selfie. But in the long run, it's costingthousands to fix the little imperfections they see in those real-lifequick-pics.

The American Academy ofFacial, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery finds 1/3 of plastic surgeons todayare reporting a major increase in patients who come in with a social media snapshot,and a sad story about not wanting to look like that.

"In every single patient, without exception,comes in now to a consultation with pictures of themselves in their phones, andthey say, 'I don't like the way I look in this picture here.' now, about 20% ofthe patients that come in turn away because that's just a bad picture,"says plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer.

Dr. Salzhauer says about85% of the patients who come in with a selfie are women in their 20s. And sinceit is often not flattering when you turn the camera on yourself, within arm'slength, he hopes other doctors will also send some patients away moreself-assured.

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