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Bailey County cleanup continues, areas destroyed by possible tornado

Pictured: KCBD Meteorologist Cary Allen Pictured: KCBD Meteorologist Cary Allen

After heavy storms over the weekend, many areas of the South Plains are continuing the clean-up effort.

One of the hardest hit areas was Bailey County between Muleshoe and Sudan. That's where Track Dairy is located.

"You kind of look over across the property and see mangled, twisted metal in one area," said KCBD Meteorologist Cary Allen, "and then you see all of the concrete pillars that are coming out of the ground, especially in this part. And then as you kind of go back over to the other side of the property and they're perfectly fine. There's not a bit of damage at all."

Parts of the dairy were covered with twisted metal that used to be part of a structure to shelter cows. The metal was pulled out of the ground and thrown miles south east of the property.

"Just based on what I've seen so far, it looks to me like a weak tornado, possibly F-0, F-1," Cary said. "The winds were around 90 or 100 miles per hour, the way things would look based on what I've seen here. It's a tight area where this damage occurred."

Cary said he believes there is further evidence that a tornado is what caused the damage. The area of destruction was very focused.

Roofs were thrown from some structures, yet other structures right next to them were fine. Cary also said that on various sides of the property, there seemed to be high winds coming from different directions within an area of less than a mile or two, which usually indicates rotation.

"When we looked on the other side of the property," he said, "it looks like the wind pattern also came from another direction, just based on just a mile or two down the road, so that suggests there was some rotation going on."

The National Weather Service said that they will be sending meteorologists up to look at the area on Tuesday.

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