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A New Weapon for Weight Loss

There is a new weapon available in the battle of the bulge. It's called the implantable gastric stimulator, and it's being put to the test at a few hospitals across the country.

Jamie Finley is one of the patients who has volunteered to try this experimental device at George Washington University. Attached to two wires, it sends electrical impulses to the stomach. Jamie doesn't feel the pulses physically, but mentally, they're supposed to convince her that she's full.

"The goal with this device is one, resolution of weight loss, and two, resolution at the same time of the comorbidities associated with morbid obesity and those comorbidities include hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, things like that," says Dr. Fred Brody, of George Washington University.

Jamie's already lost 10 pounds in two months so researchers think early results are promising. This is a two year study. So, if all goes according to plan, it could be several years before the gastric stimulator is widely available.

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