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Cold Medicines Getting Locked Up

NewsChannel 11 told you last week some Lubbock stores are voluntarily pulling cold medicines from the store shelves so you have to ask for it to get it. That's happening more and more across the country. In fact, in Oregon now, you have to show your ID to buy stuff like Claritan and Sudafed because they contain pseudo-ephedrine, a main ingredient for making methamphetamines.

"One of the side effects of meth is extreme paranoia, and sometimes just the possibility of having to show an ID can be a deterrent in itself," says Linda Howrey, Oregon Board of Pharmacy.

Oregon has one of the highest meth addiction rates in the country. Meanwhile here in Lubbock, you don't have to show an ID to buy cold medicine yet. In fact, it's up to the pharmacy to decide where to keep them. Most we called today said they've already moved their cold medicines out of view from the customer.

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