Potty-training your child - what a local expert says is key

Bed-wetting may sound likea trivial problem to you, but in some families, it is a major source offrustration. Especially since child care services often require that trainingby age three.

But, Dr. Lesley Motheral,a pediatrician, offers this advice to parents.

"You can't make achild learn to walk. You can't make a child learn to talk. Potty training isthe same. You can't make a child potty train unless they're ready. If a childhas never been dry during the day or night between four and five, I wouldrecommend that they go ahead and see their doctor to see if something else isgoing on."

Dr. Motheral says the listis long for bedwetting in older children, and can include bladder infections,diabetes, stress, or abuse. All of which are reasons to talk to yourpediatrician.

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